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Creating Unique Places

With Our Favorite People

About Domaine

Across 12 states, Domaine and its partner C2G own or asset manage a portfolio of 17,000+ units valued at $1.7B. By leveraging strategic relationships in key markets, Domaine has focused on creating places that better serve residents while providing our people with unparalleled investment opportunities.

Lloyd Grosklags

Lloyd founded Domaine out of an enduring love of friends who are more like family and a desire to help them prepare for all phases of life. That dream has evolved into one of the most renowned and successful private ownership and asset management companies, with a quickly expanding footprint and team. 

Our Criteria

-  50-400 Units per Transaction

- A 10% Preferred Return to Investors, with Deal-Level Returns in Excess of a 20% IRR and 2.0x EMx

- Dedicated Focus on Overlooked Pockets in Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Markets

- $2-15MM of Equity Investment per Transaction

Aerial View of Farm
BERD has worked with Lloyd on several large-scale, property-transforming projects.  From full-roof and siding replacements to individual unit turns, Lloyd understands every detail that goes into renovating these properties. Put simply, he’s done it before. He is direct, decisive and works closely with his contractors to ensure that each project gets done. We always look forward to a Lloyd project.

Mark Dillon, Co-Founder

BERD, A Construction Services Company

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